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Effective & Humane Wildlife Control Services in Northern Michigan

At Up North Wildlife Control, we offer professional and humane wildlife removal services tailored to alleviate your wildlife issues quickly and effectively. We understand the distress and potential damage unwanted wildlife can cause, so we’re committed to providing humane wildlife control and wildlife removal services that help preserve the beauty of Northern Michigan while safeguarding your property.

An American Red Squirrel eating a nut

Live Traps

We utilize live traps for most species to ensure their unharmed removal. This technique allows us to effectively and humanely catch the wildlife, helping us relocate them to a more appropriate environment where they can thrive without posing a threat to human habitats.

Body & Foot Traps

In compliance with state laws and in situations where live traps may not be effective, we make prudent usage of body and foot traps. Our methods ensure the wildlife is genuinely posing a threat and that their removal will benefit the ecosystem balance. Rest assured, our use of these tools is done in the most sympathetic and ethical manner possible.

Trapped a fox in your shed or raccoon under your deck? Our experienced team of professionals is capable of handling a diverse range of wildlife removal challenges. While we rigidly adhere to local and state laws regarding wildlife, we never lose sight of our commitment to handle all wildlife control services in the most humane way possible.

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