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Wildlife Removal Services in Glen Arbor, MI

At Up North Wildlife Control, we’re experts in removing unwanted wildlife from any property. We’re experienced, professional, and humane to ensure a simple, hassle-free experience for you and your uninvited guests.

In fact, we enjoy over 35 years of experience in wildlife removal, honey bee removal, and pest control services. This has provided the skills and knowledge you require to ensure a safe and comfortable home for you, your family, and the visitors you actually invite.

mole crawls out of a wormhole in a vegetable garden on a summer day

Varmint Removal from Experts Who Know the Glen Arbor Area

Glen Arbor boasts breathtaking vistas and welcoming communities. Unfortunately, beautiful nature is often accompanied by invasive and pestering critters.

Homeowners in Michigan are very familiar with these irritations, which is why they turn to us to remove and control the wildlife on their property. Our skilled team knows the Glen Arbor area well, and we use that knowledge to provide ethical and effective solutions for controlling varmint and pests.

Take back control of your property, and create an inviting space, with Up North Wildlife Control.

Our Wildlife Control Services

Emphasizing the natural beauty of your land is difficult when there are unwanted creatures to contend with. They prevent you from enjoying your property, and many may present a risk to you and your family.

Fortunately, our humane wildlife control services are effective in preventing the spread of rodents, opossums, foxes, insects, and more.

We use safe and ethical techniques to relocate these animals to their natural habitats. This ensures that they can flourish in the proper environment, while you and your family thrive in your space.

ground squirrel coming out of hole
Closeup of a brown spider isolated on green background

Remove Pestering Critters with Our Pest Control Services

While larger wildlife can be more obvious, smaller pests are just as harmful and irritating. Some may even be venomous (which pose a threat to you, your family, and your guests) or poisonous (which require special care during removal).

We have the skills and knowledge to remove small wildlife from your property, including ants, spiders, and rodents, among others.

Then, we apply safeguards to prevent them from returning!

Expert & Humane Honey Bee Removal Services​

Honey bees are beautiful creatures that play a vital role in our ecosystem. More than just providing us with delicious honey, these insects are pollinators that ensure the continued survival of countless plant species.

However, they can be a serious concern, particularly if members of your household are allergic. And even without an allergy, nobody wants to be stung while enjoying their lawn and garden, meaning an unwanted colony can be quite the nuisance.

Our experts are skilled at carefully relocating the hive to ensure that the colony can continue their vital work in the proper habitat. Then, you can continue enjoying your environment without the risk of doing harm, or being harmed.

Honey Bee with Varroa Mite

Remove Wildlife from Your Property with Up North Wildlife Control

Throughout history, humans have struggled to live harmoniously with the natural world. Fortunately, you have a potent weapon they never did: the experts at Up North Wildlife Control.

We use advanced technology, well-honed expertise, and humane tactics to improve the lives of our neighbors throughout Michigan. We know the Glen Arbor area well, and that knowledge enables us to protect the humans and animals that call this beautiful city their home.

To take back control of your property, request a wildlife removal quote today.