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Safe & Effective Wildlife Removal

The great state of Michigan is a beautiful place to live, offering everything from big-city entertainment to the great outdoors. Unfortunately, it’s also home to a lot of wildlife that can wreak havoc on your home and even cause safety risks.

However, trapping and removing wild critters can be tricky. To avoid a potentially dangerous situation, call on a trained expert with extensive experience in wildlife and pest removal to get the job done quickly and safely.

At Up North Wildlife Control, we trap and remove most nuisance animals found in northern Michigan, and we spray to remove various species of insects. Please note that we don’t offer bat removal services at this time.

A wild red fox peers around a tree in a dense forest.

Wildlife Control Services

We specialize in humane wildlife removal and prevention services. Whether you’re dealing with raccoons, squirrels, opossums, or any other wildlife intruders, our expert team is here to help.

Learn more about our comprehensive
wildlife control solutions to protect your property and ensure the safety of your loved ones.

Pest Control Services

Don’t let pests take over your property. Our professional pest control services are designed to effectively eliminate pests such as ants, rodents, spiders, and more. From inspection to treatment and prevention, we’ve got you covered. Learn more to say goodbye to unwanted guests and regain peace of mind.

Bees returning to their hive.

Honey Bee Removal Services

If you’re experiencing a bee infestation, it’s essential to handle it with care and respect for these vital pollinators. Our honey bee removal services prioritize the safe relocation of bees while ensuring minimal disruption to your property. Learn more about addressing your bee problem with compassion and expertise.




• Raccoons
• Opossums
• Skunks
• Squirrels
• Chipmunks
• Beavers
• Otters
• Minks
• Muskrats
• Coyotes
• Foxes
• Woodchucks



• Insects
• Yellowjackets
• Wasps
• Hornets
• Honey Bees (swarms are safely removed with a bee vacuum)
Critter Control

Setting the Standard

Decades of Experience

With 35 years of experience in the field, Jim finds joy in outsmarting the animals and relieving stress for his customers and their families.

Repair Services

We’ll safely eliminate the problem and prevent future issues by sealing potential entry points in your residence and on your property.

Built on
Integrity & Faith

Our company operates on a foundation of integrity and strong Christian values, demonstrated by our actions. We work very hard to glorify God and serve our customers.


Our Process​

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Inspection &

With a service fee, our wildlife removal specialist will thoroughly inspect your home and property to determine the best trapping strategy.

Safe Animal Removal

In all cases, we obey state and local laws regarding wildlife and aim to take the most humane approach to trap and remove the pest.

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